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Full Version: Natural Nail Polish...Which do you Love?
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What is your longest lasting and/or Best selling nail polish brand? I'm a Gel Girl and do not do many natural nail manicures myself, but I will be bringing some new Tech's into my salon, So I could Really use your help with which polish lines you would recommend.
Of course everyone loves OPI, but I think China Glaze stays on natural nails better than OPI (on fingers - everything stays on toes). I also like Zoya a lot. Oh, the other thing I've found that works fabulously is Lumos base and top coat. That stuff is awesome! I actually had a mom bring her teenage daughter in for a pedi and as she was getting ready to leave, she was telling me she had water polo practice in an hour. I told her no way was her polish going to be dry in an hour and stay on through her practice. Well, lo and behold her polish did stay on and lasted over 6 weeks! I couldn't believe it! Now I always use Lumos every time I do a natural nail mani.
I also like Zoya polishes. Nice color selection, colors wear well, and they sent out an email last year, I believe, that stated that you will never see their polish available in stores. I appreciate their commitment to the professional nail technician.

I also just received the Lumos base and top coat to try. I purchased it because it is supposed to be dry in about 12 minutes for clients to be able to put socks and shoes on after their pedicure. I like the way the product goes on so far, but have yet to take the time to test out the "dry in 12 minutes' claim. I will provide an update as soon as I do a test subject!
Thank you Ladies! I have OPI polish on hand for pedi's, but really do not want to retail something they can buy Anywhere, so I want to change both what I use and retail it. (Plus I always end up tossing it when it is only 1/2 used because it thickens) It's nice to know that Zoya is committed to keeping it professional!
Ulta sells Zoya. I agree with Sherrie90630 that China Glaze stays on better than OPI. Imo OPI applies better I believe China Glaze dries faster. With China Glaze I have to paint faster causing more polish getting on the skin I have to clean off. I'm not loyal to any one brand or even professional brands I have some of everything.
I'm late to the party, but wanted to chime in on the Lumos top coat. I got a sample in December and have used it with every polish and it truly works. In fact, I am opening a salon in a couple of months and will not have dryers because we will replace it with Lumos.
BTW - another Zoya positive is that it is a vegan polish, so that provides another selling point for those who might care.
I would love to ditch OPI in the salon, but with the matching gel system, I can't think of an alternative to offer, and a lot of Texas girls like natural toes, gel nails, and in the same color. I'll also offer Zoya and either Nubar Gelicure or CND Shellac - I'm waffling...
Thanks to this message board I also started using China Glaze. It is cheaper than OPI and Essie. I love OPI's colors but I also agree that they get so darn thick. I wish all polishes had the same brush as OPI. Now I am checking out Lumos.
DO they offer free samples of Lumos?
Yeah, I'm going to be trying Lumos now too! I prefer China Glaze. I keep some of the classice OPI colors on hand but I'm also know getting into the indie polishes, it also helps that no one for miles will have those babies Smile
Thank you for all of the replies.
Lumos base & top are great products!
I have some Zoya, but have found that it does not wear great for everyone and China Glaze, Essie, Orly & OPI, along with others, can be purchased all over my area.
Recently I have been using Cuccio Colour and I am Really liking it! Everyone's polish is still perfect when they return, Even my Runners!! I LOVE the fact that it is not in every corner market too, so I think that I have found a winner! Smile
I'm late on this as well, but just in case you ever need a backup.....:-)
I love Misa nail polishes. They last a long time (in the bottle) and wear really well on natural nails. The consistency is not too thick, not too thin and the colors are vibrant. You can order from them directly on their website and polish is only $3.00 a bottle. Order $30 and shipping is free. Their customer service is awesome too! I also carry China Glaze and some OPI.

Bowie, MD
I also have been moving form OPI to China Glaze.... OPI, always inconstant with their colors, now too many too thick, too thin, and found CG, really noticeable at Christmas when clients who normally wear light colors for work switch to red... much less edge wear with CG reds. Only two clients insist CG does not wear as well for them. Pity is CG does not yet have the color range, some OPI colors, cannot replace them with CG yet... though all including Essie, used to be able to count on them for neutrals (needed by some professionals, preferred by some clients) shifting to green and blue and vamps with fewer neutrals.
I hadn't heard of Lumos, will have to find some to try. I'd been using Nail Fitness for base and Out the Door or Seche Vite for top. They do dry quickly, esp with some drying between coats.
I just got off the phone with Misa and the gentlemen was very nice. He said they do most sell to England..which I think is great... Said there polish is high pigmented and colors are 80-90% accurate.. He did mention also any questions feel free to call anytime. That's good customer service to me. ALSO sell only to licensed... Hth. ;0)
OK just called them cause of log in problems and they DO sell to consumers he gave me wrong info... ;0). Just wanted to share that..... Sorry
I've has such great results with CND's Vinylux that pretty much is all I buy now. I still have a bunch of OPI colors, but I'm like you….clients can get that anywhere, including Sally's Beauty Supply nowSad

The one big disappointment I'll say for Vinylux is that I had 2 clients bring in colors they did not buy from me & told me they got it on Amazon for cheaper!

I checked it out & they were right. There's tons of it on Amazon mostly selling for between $6+ - $8+ dollars, while our suggested MFG retail is $10. Not happy at all with that! But thankfully not all clients peruse Amazon.