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Full Version: Help nail fell off!
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Hi All,

I'm a newbie nail tech and the receptionist at the spa I work at lost one of her fingernails and was wondering if I could put a fake one on. Can we do that and if so would I use gel or acrylic or should I just advise her to let it heal?

Thanks for your help.
you can try but it is very hard to keep one on that is adhering only to the skin. I had the same problem and asked on here and the best advice I found was to put a coat of "New Skin" which is liquid bandage on top of the skin and then do your enhancement. I tried acrylic and tips with gel and they both lasted about the same amount of time, which wasn't much, only a couple of days. I had to keep re-applying them but it's better than going around with a band-aid on your finger for weeks. it took a long time for it to grow out!
The other thing you can do is to wrap a piece of saran wrap over her finger tightly, then sculpt her a new nail over that (you don't want the acrylic or gel being applied directly to her skin). Once it's cured, peel off the saran wrap and she can adhere the nail to her finger with eyelash glue. I've been told by several doctors it's ok to use super glue directly on skin, but I wouldn't feel comfortable telling my clients to do that. I would make her a few sculpted nails in case she loses one or two.
What to Do About Unhealthy Nail Conditions?
I read this on Doug Schoon's website a few weeks ago:

When it comes these types of medical conditions, only medial doctors can "diagnosis", "treat" or "prescribe any treatments". It is easy to see the nail in this picture is unhealthy and should be examined by a qualified medical doctor. If we attempted to replace the doctor and provide our own "opinions", we aren't doing the right thing for the client. From any perspective; legal, medical or moral, it is always best to instruct the client to see a physician before providing any nail salon services to unhealthy nails. That's best for everyone concerned, especially the client.

Always refer such issues to a medical doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment (if required). Don't play doctor! Doing so could cost you your professional license and you may become a party to a lawsuit or damage the reputation of your salon should something go wrong or if the condition worsens.

Hope this information helps
CrystalNails, are you seeing something the rest of us aren't seeing? I don't see any picture here of an unhealthy nail. JenniferV was asking how to replace a nail that has fallen off and we are giving her our advice, which is what this board is for. If she stated that she had some sort of fungus, disease, etc., I would agree with you that she should be seen by a doctor before having an artificial nail applied. However, since there was no mention of any sort of medical condition which caused the nail loss and as long as the nail bed is healthy, there is no reason she should not have a temporary nail applied until her new nail has grown in.
I"m sorry, I misunderstood. I thought the NATURAL NAIL fell off, not the artificial.