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Full Version: Single Crack in Foot
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A woman scheduled a Spa Pedicure with me and said she has a single bad crack on the underside of foot. She said it's under the pinky toe area. I assume this is a deep dry skin crack. Do you have any product suggestions I can quickly get my hands on to use on her? This is my first time with this situation.

As always I appreciate all input.
It could be Athlete's Foot so you need to be careful. If you choose to do her, don't use any kind of caustic callus product, it could get in the crack and some residue could remain and cause serious irritation.

Definitely suggest that she needs to see a Dr. about it to get it properly diagnosed and treated.
Thank you!!
So the client came in. It doesn't look like athletes foot. It is a deep crack but she has it on both feet in the same area. She said she has had this in the past. I do wonder if it has anything to do with the pressure on her feet while wearing not the best shoes (because she was a larger sized woman).
I told her to keep moisturizing as her feet were rather dry and if the cracks don't heal soon she should see a doctor. In the meantime, do you have a product I can suggest to her for that? The cracks or moisture? Thank you.
Everything I've read about heel fissures points toward the skin being too dry as the reason the fissure is there in the first place. The fact that's she's larger and most likely has a problem with keeping her feet properly moisturized aggravates the problem. My personal fave for a foot lotion is Nordic Care Foot Creme. It's safe for diabetics and most people see a difference in two days using it twice a day, morning and night.

I'd do a callus treatment on her and to start with I'd have her use a good quality natural oil,rubbed on her feet every evening, let that soak in for at least 10 minutes, then apply a good quality lotion on the foot, then put a pair of socks on. The natural oil soaks in and the lotion seals the foot so it stops moisture evaporation. You need to make her understand if she wants this condition to heal, she's going to have be diligent about doing foot care on herself. That, IMO, is the hardest thing to make people understand....a pedi once every two months isn't going to do the job unless she follows up at home.
Thank you Donna. I did really try to explain to her that this requires regular attention. I hope she listens.
I have gotten cracks there before, as well as on my heels, and I have had really good results with regular old A&D diaper rash ointment. It was recommended to me by another tech years ago, and it works really well and really fast to help heal those up. I just apply it at night at the very least, and also again in the morning if it's a bad one. By the next day it's much less painful, and by the second day it doesn't hurt at all usually.
Funny you say that. I keep diaper cream in the house because I get an extremely dry patch on my stomach and nothing helps but the cream. Thanks!