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Full Version: Duh Moment- Now I can do a better Pedi!
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I have posted asking about pedi stations and I've seen people post often and I wanted to share a solution for people like me.

I have a setup at home and trying to make that comfortable for me and the client can be a task. This weekend I bought bed casters (lifts) for my bed and after I raised my bed I realized 'duh, I can use these with my chair!'
So I have a "regular" chair that I use with a Footsie bath and the white leg rest from amazon that a few of you have (
I removed the spring in the rest but it was still not low enough for them and not high enough for me so the comfort level was not great for either of us.
I've now put the bed casters under the chair legs and it raises the chair almost 5 inches and all is well. And they can be removed when I'm done! Voila.