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Full Version: Best place to purchase Shellac Kit
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Can you purchase a Shellac kit right from CND or do you have to go through a beauty supply house? I"m in FL. and I need to find the best retailer for the entire kit and light. Thanks techies...xo <3
Premier Nail Source has the Shellac lamp on sale for $99 (vs $149). They also sell the Salon Rack with the second edition of colors, a bundle of the 3rd set of colors. I dont see a set of the 1st installment of colors, but you can buy them open stock.

At any rate, the lamp is a really good price @$99.
Thanks so much! I love this board!


Might also check with Go Blondies. Not sure about sale price, but sometimes they do offer a discount.

Might I also suggest you get the first collection of colors. A lot of basic colors you can use alone or with their other colors.


There is someone on the board selling hers. Might check and see what colors she has. It is titled "selling Shellac". HTH