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Full Version: Any new shellac colord
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Seems like its been a long time since shellac has brought in new colors. Has anyone heard anything of somthing new?
CND has yet to officially release anything, aside from giving some people who took classes in Orlando a sneak peek, but here's what I know:

There are six shades that, going off previous releases, should be announced by the end of this month and released by the end of September:

A few months back I got a special "Holiday Shopper Guide" inside my CosmoProf catalog, which was advertising two additional shades (can't remember the names, but one was a sparkly gold and the other was a red). I am assuming that these will be released closer to the holidays.
Thats good...i just dont understand why they dont come out with more colors when they know they wld sell the snot out of them!!!!! Its frustrating...Shellac is my all time fav and yet i still buy other lines to makr up for their lack of variety. Maybe its a conspiracy???? Lololol
I cant remember where I just saw a pic of all the shellac colors and I saw a lime green in there. Maybe the colors were way off but lime green for fall or winter??
I agree I find myself buying more and more brands other than shellac just because its a change. You can olny mix so many of the same colors.