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Full Version: anyone use star nail so quick gel colors?
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I have this client that is uber picky about colors. She likes reds and burgundies, and they must have NO HINT OF SHIMMER OR GLITTER. Sad, I know, but she hates them.
I use shellac and IBD gel colors, and I've layered some shellac colors to make some new reds, but I'm running out of I was looking at different brands to perhaps get some new colors and I was curious if anyone knew if Plum Pacifica or Merlot by star nails are matte(they look matte on display but you know how that can go) colors? or had some suggestions on similar colors?
Plum Pacifica and Merlot have no glitter or shimmr
thanks so much! I appreciate it!
No shimmer or glitter? Poor thing, I can not even imagine not having some bling on my nails!

That said, we have pretty complete descriptions as to if the color is sheer, opaque, shimmer, glitter on the web site. Just click the link below!