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Full Version: Where to buy the cheapest gel polish
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Hey Ladies,

Three weeks ago, I was searching for more OPI Gelcolor and stumbled on to a website that sells a gel polish brand called Vlossy. They had a whole set of Vlossy gel polish (42 colors) on sale for $271.96, base gel for $8 and top gel for $6.97 including free shipping. The colors are beautiful and a lot of them look very similar to OPI. I don't recommend using their base gel; because I don't think it stay on as well as OPI. I've been using OPI base gel with it and it works great. Their top gel is super shiny and the price is awesome when it's on sale. My clients now have more color selection to choose from between OPI Gelcolors and Vlossy. They also sell a small selection of nail supplies and nail art supplies too.

I'm looking to add and replace my used up gel colors, please share where to buy the cheapest gel polish and nail arts. I'm not looking for brands that are made in China, tried many of those brands and they don't work well. In fact I noticed that a lot of them give my fingers a tingling sensation even after the gel polish is cured. Sharing is caring
look at They carry several different brands of gel polishes. I've use the NSI and IBD brands and they do well.
Thanks Donna, I love your profile picture. What polish did you used to create that?
Thanks! That was done using regular black hard gel. I applied the black, sealed with a thin coat of clear gel, buffed the shine off with a fine buffer, then used a thin brush and some tackless sealer to make the stripes.
You can check the cheapest gel polish and nail arts on some sites like:-, etc. as per your choice.
I just ordered 3 bottles from the first one i will let u know what i think. Has anyone else tried Nailites Gia?? They were so gracious and sent me a bottle of pinkini...but i have to admit that i dont really like it. I was thinking maybe it is just that color?? Bcuz diff colors do differently from other maybe?? Anyhoo...lmk if anybody else tried any other colors from Nailite..and i will do the same!Wink
I've tried Nailites Gia a year ago and after applying and curing their base, 2 color gel and top coat gel, I was able to easily peel off the gel. It was very similar to the Chinese gel polish I bought. Maybe they have been improved?
Yeah it could be the color because I notice that light/creamy color from Gelish and Vlossy gel polish don't turn out well.
I just got a email from Beauty West and they're running IBD Just Gel polishes for $8.25 and they have new colors!
I have found all gel polish is not created equal. I used one that I had to file to get off. Clients want their polish to last forever but you can't reck their nails taking it off.
I have a local nail supply I purchase my gel polish. I usually buy Gelish, but the last time I was there, they were telling me about Artistic Color Gloss. They sell the Artistic Color Gloss for half of what they charge for Gelish. I've purchased several colors so far and it's been great. There is no open spot on the bottle, so I haven't had any problems with it curing in the bottle and I'm able to buy it for about $8, which is awesome!
I buy my Gelish at Sallys on Cosmoprof. Sallys just had their clearence sale last weekend and some gelish was as low as 3.75 a bottle. CosmoProf has the pro size on sale now and then for 13.95 and that's a great deal its a huge bottle. I only buy Shellac when State beauty supply has the packages available.
With that link provided from Donna..if u order 12 polishes and something little...and spend over $100...u get $20 off your purchase which knocks it down to about $6.70 per bottle!!! Thats an awesome deal!! And ive heard good things about the IBD....
Ok...heres the scoop on the so- called "deal".....HATE it!!!!!! Dont even waste your money girls. I ordered 3 colors-- a nude,a brown and a turquoise blue....all of them were horrible to work with and i used 3 coats--freezing every finger separately-- and it still lookes there it is. At least thats my opinion Smile
Just wanted to clarify i was talking about the off brand Vlossy and not the IBD....Smile