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Full Version: Mixing different products
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Has anyone ever mixed products before? I have some Tammy Taylor prizma powder but I have the worst time with her liquid. I love Young Nails and have no problem with their products. I was playing around on nail tips today and used Young Nails liquid and Tammy Taylor prizma powder and I was able to move the product better. I don't mix products but I'm having the worst time with the liquid. A client is wanting acrylic colored tips. Thoughts?
I've mixed products with no problems. The down side to mixing different brands is that if there is product failure, neither co. whose products were combined will take any responsibility for the problems.
Yep yep....totally can mix them!!! I never have liked works sooooo wet it goes against all natural laws of applying
But yes...any system can be used with another..and its not going to do anytg that wld require help from the companies. HthSmile
Soon after first met Iryna six year ago, I asked her why she used products from so many brands. She told me, "I choose the best from each that I like". I then asked her if other people do that and she replied that nearly every experienced nail artist she knew did. Along the way, she had learned what did and didn't work together. This memory stayed with me and at the end was the reason we created our own products so that demanding nail techs could get all they need from one source. We launched our products in 2010 and since then we notice that we have especially attracted more experienced and skilled nail techs who have been down the same road as Iryna and after testing our products, understand what we offer.

FYI, we are not selling in the USA today, because what we are about is more than products, it's about providing world class education. To do that we need to find very special people who can take and absorb our knowledge and give this to our customers, and who understand our concept which is really about empowering nail techs to create themselves as their own brand. We provide the materials, tools and knowledge, to enable them to do this and from my perhaps limited perspective on the industry, this makes us unique. At the end of the day, a nail tech with the education and skills can use products from many different brands to create a superb result - but it is the education and skills which makes them unique to their customers and helps them stand above their local competition.