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Full Version: Caviar nails
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I got some black beads today for caviar nails. In pics I have seen it doesnt look like any top coat is on them. I want to use them with shellac. Any advice?
I tried them using Gelish and put a bit of top coat on them since I didn't think they would last without it. Unfortunately I couldn't stand the texture on my nails - it drove me crazy and I had to take them off, so I'm not sure how long they would have lasted otherwise. But I wondered the same thing. Hopefully someone who has more experience with the caviar nails will chime in and let you know how they do them. Sorry I couldn't be more help!
I think I would have the same issue with not being able to stand them on my nails. I was wondering, how do you remove them? do you soak them or just file them off? seems like it would be difficult.
I have several colors of the beads and tried them first on my own nails. I won't do them on a client because of the difficulty in removing them, especially if you buff off vs. soaking off! If you do try them on a client and try to soak off, be prepared for extra soaking time, and if you file off, be prepared to be startled when a random ball decides to fly off the nail at you instead of just being shaved off Smile Common sense told me this would be the case, which is why I did it on myself to try it out...

You can do these in sog without too much bumpy effect, put down your first coat of color & cure, then put down the second coat and put the beads on the nail, then cure. You can then do two or three thin layers of top coat, and could even buff lightly after the second coat (that's what I did). One thing that was interesting - I think because of the optical brighteners in the top coat - I used teal beads, but they looked silver when I was done, very strange! Anyway, they lasted more than two weeks for me, but the extra hassle putting them on and taking them off made me decide I'm not going to offer them in my salon.