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Full Version: Mold.
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So I was taking practice tests on line at;result

And I came to this question.....

Mold being the right answer. I was taught that it is not at all mold that it is a bacteria infection. What do you think? what have you been told about "Mold"?

08 What is the most common infection that people with acrylic nails get?
a. Tinia Pedis 9.5%
b. Bacilli 11.8%
c. Aorta 2.3%
d. Mold 76.4%
Mold is incorrect. Mold does NOT grow on humans. The green you see is the excrement of a bacterial infection.

I would be extremely suspect of this free test site if that was noted as the correct answer
I've been on that site. It's not very good. Many words are even misspelled. is better
Thank you BOTH! I new I was right! And I will go look at the site you posted. I understand it is for a none English speaking person but wow they really mess it up! I hope it is not that ban in the other languages.
Maybe the meant fungus. (yeast and mold are all fungus) But then tinea pedis would fall under that also. *shrugs*