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Full Version: T.e.n. Gel Competitor
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Hello all. I am currently using T.e.n. Poly gel. It is $30.00 for an ounce of gel...$80.00 for a 3 pack. Anyone else use a poly gel that is as good as T.e.n.?? I would love somthing a little cheaper but still as good quality. Anything out there?? Thanks!!
There are a few other products out there that are poly but I don't think you're going to find the prices any cheaper. The only place that has get cheaper would be Nailite. They market their own brand and the prices are very good. They don't have a poly gel, tho.
Can I ask a stupid question...and ask what is a 'poly' gel? Im in the dark about this..... thanks.. Smile
it's a gel that has a slightly different chemical make up. Cures very strong, can be applied a bit thinner than regular gels. Most most polys have a high heat spike tho and they have a bit of a learning curve to master. If I still had my MSDS sheets on it, I'd post it but I dumped all of it.
LOVE my T.E.N. Gel. If you think it is expensive, remember you only need one gel for everything. This saves money and hassel. You don't need to fully cure a layer before going on to the next one - super time saver and we all know time = money. Fantastic. One gel for many colors. You don't need to waste money buying polishes you don't like. You can custom mix these with pigments. Try a small batch. If you don't like it add something else. You'll find a use for the mistake batch eventually. Then start over on another small batch. Still costs less than ordering an unkown color.
This makes this the most reasonably priced product.

Okay, so there are some problems. The heat spike can be intense but I've burned my mouth on pizza and have learned how to prevent it so I can still eat pizza. It's not like you can't do things to prevent the spike. Linkage is spectacular. I know it can be touchy but again, learn to work around the problem. I buy small bottles with brushes in them. Pour in a small amount of linkage. If the bottle cap locks or the linkage gets contaminated and gels up - just throw it away. You are only out a small amount of product not the full bottle amount. Reduces the loss factor dramatically.

I have to also admit I don't know what a Poly gel is. If it's thin, does it run to the sidewalls? Can you sculpt an apex? I'd love to see a MSDS ;-)
It's not THAT thin but it does require you to work a bit quicker. I sculpted with it but as I said, it requires a learning curve because it does move quick. The fastest way to do an apex is by flipping the hand over. You can't use too much or it'll spike pretty badly.
Brenda Anderson in OK. is who owns the co. now, and she's on Facebook. You could contact her and see if she'll send you the MSDS. That or you could check out Angel Love, it's a poly also. I looked couple of days ago on their web page and didn't see the MSDS available.