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Full Version: OMG How can i compete with $20 Shellac prices
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Ok I went to this page to ask them what L&P brand they are using on clients. They have no way to email them questions so i was looking around the website and found this

Kevin’s Nails & Spa now offers Shellac Axxium service.
″No-Chip″ Guarantee !!!
If under normal wear and tear , your manicure or pedicure gets chipped, KEVIN’S NAILS & SPA will do a touch-up at no charge to you .
Exception : Polish changes
3-Days No-Chip Guarantee On Manicure
7-Days No-Chip Guarantee On Pedicures.

And they have their Shellac manicure priced at 20 bucks and they said 20 min service

Really Im wondering if they are even using Shellac!!! The only reason i went to check them out is b/c i had to take more than an our last night to soak off whatever L&P they put on my friend and it was gooy and gross and then hard as a rock she had indents with brusies under the product and she said after she left Kevins Nails she had to ice her hands when she got home. I explained to her that any type of manicure should never require pain or ice afterwards and i would help her recover her natural nails. So I took my time a soak all the nasty off and solar oiled her up till saturday and ill do a Shellac french on her. She said she told them she wanted thin and natural and they just put L&P on her anyway. Ugh sorry had to vent and this place is listed as the Best Salon in my town.
Well.....for starters, they are advertising a Shellac Axxium service - there is no such thing. Maybe they offer Shellac, maybe they offer Axxium.....maybe they offer neither. You'd have to call them to find out what this is (and I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation).

Secondly, alarm bells go off whenever I see "cut down" on a service menu. It screams NSS to me. Never mind what seems to be dodgy acrylic that was used on your client.

If I had to guess...I'd say they don't do a genuine Shellac service. So they aren't your competition. How much are you charging for your Shellac service?
It screams......... You can usually detect this in print by spelling and phrasing, and incomplete sentences. I hope someone that has pride in their salon will at least take time to proofread for errors. It does show.
Maybe they are calling all gel polish "Shellac", so maybe they use Axxium?
Sometimes the "best" is not ahead of the "rest".
From your description of the soak off process, your friend most likely got an acrylic application (L&P) instead of a gel polish application. Ask her if they used a brush to dip into any powder. Gel polish do not get gooey--even Axxium does not get gooey. Acrylics do.

If it's a L&P application, try filing the product down extremely thin before soaking off. Or alternatively, you can soak one hand while filing the other. An hour is a really long time to be soaking off any set of nails IMHO.

$20 Shellac is not unheard of. $25-$30 is the going rate in my area with a full manicure. Without a manicure, it's $18-$20. As noted, the "guarantee" only applies if the client gets a full manicure/pedicure. Given the 20 minutes time frame, it's not a full manicure. Capitalism at work.

I work in a salon where the gel-polish-w/o-manicure is removed from the menu because we have too many returning clients lying about whether or not they had a manicure last time. So we charge ONE price for the application, regardless of whether or not the client wants a manicure/pedicure, in order to ensure consistent and proper adhesion of product.
Another thing I want to add to the above description about the gel not being gooey, MMA based acrylic is gooey when soaked off. It might have been cut with some regular acrylic to help with soak off, but everyone knows regular acrylic isn't gooey either. I used to have deal with removing that mess on a regular basis.......a real PIA!!!
Thanks for the tips CS! I filed wrapped and soaked then unwrapped and took off the gooey stuff then wrapped again over and little by little it came off. I didnt file them all the way down to a thin layer because her nails were brusied and tender. I asked her over and over if this hurt and she said i wasnt hurting her at all and she was amazed. I asked her the questions and she said yes it was dipped in liquid then powder and then they airbrushed the french colors over the clear L&P.

Donna any advice on finding out if they are really using MMA L&P? I want to call and pretend that ill be a new client and ask them what brand of product they use, but whos to say they wont lie about it. My friend said she never saw a brand the L&P were already in the dampen dishes. and the stuff was chalky white on the nail and during soak off it was crystal clear and gooey like rubber cement texture.
I know in the past when MMA was used it would put out a smell like cat urine when heated during the filing process, (no, I'm not kidding). Now, most will add the MMA product to the legal acrylic to make it stretch further and also so it'll soak off. Pure MMA will NOT soak off, period. It will get a slimy film on it, but it won't budge. That's where the gooey part comes in, that's the MMA creating that. Best way to remove those, file the biggest majority off, soak in warm acetone, then use a dry paper towel to help pull the goo off the nail. Normal acrylic will literally melt, MMA will hold it's shape on the nail and will get soft enough to pull off if cut with legal acrylic,.... it can removed with a lot of work.

I wouldn't bother calling and asking what they're using, they're going to tell you what they think you want to hear. They're buying from a distr. that sells the illegal stuff in 5 gal. buckets of powder and huge gallons of liquid, so it's all about the money. When I read his advertisment, I knew exactly what kind of salon he's running.....stay away, stay far, far away. They don't care about your health, only your money and they're laughing at how stupid we are all the way to the bank.
Thanks Donna. Yeah i dont want to call and get all rude with them and ruin my day. But if they are using this product and have 2 salons in town and got voted by people in town as the "Best of St. Joe" then they will keep using bad product and damaging peoples nails. How do you report it? The county i live in has the same inspector for every salon in the county so why hasnt this inspector noticed the product used or gave them a violation? Im wondering if i should report it or not? It makes me mad actually. My husband thinks its gross too he drives by when he goes to the bank and says its wall to wall woman getting their mani pedis done. they sit like 45+ clients at once.
YOu need to check with your governing state agency and find out what it takes to report them. Some states don't allow other licensees to turn in another salon because of possible fraud issues. You need a person to walk in there and get the service, then try to remove the product to see if acts as it should. Document, take pictures and be as objective as you can.

YOu might want to alert the CND people about the misuse of the product name, or misrepresentation, whichever. CND has spent untold amounts of money to promote their products, hopefully they'd be willing to do something like make a phone call or send a cease and desist registered letter, but then you never know.

As for the inspectors, don't know about your state but in ours, lots of time our inspectors aren't always knowledgible about all the rules and regs., and also I doubt very seriously if they're going to put out the money to test the acrylic. It would be on you to prove wrong doing.
I know how frustrating it is when we take two steps forward and 5 steps back in this industry. We do have to know what it is we are expected to fix for the new client that calls and complains about what happened at the last shop they were at. I remember when I went to my first HRTE and a state board rep stood up and answered all our questions. She told us that it costs 70.00 for each lab test in Indiana. And that we only have 4 officers that go to every location in the whole state. I have only been visited by stateboard 3 times since 1995. And that's only because I moved to a new location. So since it seems to me that nothing will be done anytime soon, I just took the advice from the HRTE educators that weekend.
They said that if you spend your time learning your craft and do the best nails that you can do, and pass out your cards,and show everyone your own nails,and give 5.00 off to everyone who sends you a client that actually shows up. You will be successful. Who cares what the other salons are doing. Everyone has had a bad experience in a nail salon. We have to show them a good time while they are in our chair and then they will see the difference. Unfortunatly we have to charge them to remove the old stuff and then apply our good quality nails. So it is more work, but we get a new client.Smile
I live an hour from Mitchele and Kevin's is absolutely an NSS!! I have seen sooo many messes come from that place! And they have been reported and it doesn't matter apparently. Once I found online a list of violations and every "quick-stop" nail place in St. Joe was on there! Kevin's, Silver Nails, I don't remember all the names. Luckily, my town is small enough, that I don't have one of those places to deal with (knock wood). That's what's sad, that the state board obviously doesn't care about taking these places and making them responsible for what they are doing to people!!!
Thanks Hillary!!!! I looked it up online the other day and the South Ends Kevin's Nails is the one that’s on suspension till 2014 the new one that went up in the North Shoppe area is the one voted Best of and it has some violations that I could find but I can’t figure out if they are owned by the same person. All I can do is talk to the clients and offer better services and an ear that can listen to them and have a conversation lol I think they will love my sparkling personality better than someone hurting them and telling them it’s supposed to hurt. My friend literally said this, "Oh Mitchele it’s no big deal I go there all the time and just come home and put my hands in bowls of ice the first day I get them done, then I’m just careful not to use them for awhile cuz they hurt.” I have told her many times enhancements aren’t supposed to hurt and she shouldn’t go back, but she says well its way cheaper and their pedis are expensive so they can’t be that bad. Lol really whatever I wasted my 2 hrs getting those mma nails off her and she wants to go back!!!
Quote:cS :

> $20 Shellac is not unheard of. $25-$30 is the going rate in my area with a
> full manicure.

Just wanted to say that the salon near me started offering gelish/shellac about 8 months ago for $19, including a manicure, $14 without.

Because I wondered if it was really the name brand, plus I usually do my own, I didn't try it . Finally a few months ago I decided to give it a go. After seeing their color wheel, I recognized a few colors I had at home....

Indeed they were and are using actual shellac and gelish, applied it perfectly and charged me $19. I was thrilled. Starting Dec. 1 they have now lowered their price to $17.
The salon mgr., (owner's daughter) goes to the local Asian salon in our town, she gets charged $17, says it stays on wonderful. I'm going to charge $20 for first application, not sure about removal......input anyone?
Isn't the actual cost to apply Shellac around $5? I've heard that the standard is to double the cost to get some profit...and then add that to your normal manicure price. I also believe CND was saying that Shellac services should cost 15% more than your normal mani...I just don't understand how it's worth your time and cost of product to do $20 Shellac manis.
I look at it like this, I can do the whole process in about 15 minutes, that's more than a $1 a minute which is considered great pay in this biz. It's the ONLY thing I can do at a $1 a minute right now, so if all I did was sog mani's every 15-20 minutes at $20 a pop, then I'm doing great! There's nothing wrong with making a huge profit but when you need to be competitive, (within reason), then you need to do it. I'm charging $3 over what the Asian salon is charging but I don't have the luxury of being able to take walk-ins so I've got to counter that with giving something they can't, conversation and a dedicated appointment time. My clientel comes to me for exactly that reason is pays more for it.

As for adding the mani cost, when you think about it, to prep their nails, you're already doing the mani, the only thing missing is lotion application. So adding the cost of a mani on top of the cost of Shellac is a bit much, imo, but if you can get 'em to pay it, go for it! Here, for the 'mani' with Shellac, they add $5 you're looking at $23.