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Full Version: Is anyone a Medical Nail Tech(MNT)?
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Can someone please tell me what a fair hourly wage is for an MNT.
This position is for someone that works for a Podiatrist but just doing Pedicures in a foot spa.Some people tip but a few don't. There is commission on retail but the products are a tough sale.
I plan on asking for a raise tomorrow but I was hoping for someone to let me know what they are getting paid.
If you would kindly email me so we could discuss this in private I would be so grateful
[email protected]
It would help if you told us where you are located...what size of town you are in...and what they are paying you now.
I dont personally know any MNT (and thanks for breaking that down..i didnt understand what you were asking before) ......
BUT if you are working in a medical facility...doing 'medical' services ... then you should get above the norm for sure.
When I helped my one boss before open up her spa..I was running the spa and working and she paid me hourly...(obviously bcuz the place was new and we all started from scratch) But I was making $15 an hour.
What do they charge for your services? I would imagine if you have to get an extra certification to become a MNT..than that requires extra salary as well. I would guess that you should make at least the $15 an hour...depending on what they charge.
Now, if they are charging some insane prices because they bill insurance/medicaid for the services....and you only get that much..that isnt right. But ya, tell us how much the services run and we can give you a much better idea. Its hard to compare when you dont know any information.. Smile