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Full Version: Please HELP..Starting a new nail salon
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If I start working at a nail salon & they want 60% for me/40% salon (they supply everything except brush, cuticle nippers) BUT run specials..Full set reg$20 ($15) or pedicure reg $25 ($17) manicure $10($8) i now get a % off the sale price?? Because Im already not feeling the % rate but now I getting paid LESS if its on the sale price...whats the industry standard???
I would think that you would get your 40% of whatever the price is that the client is paying.
Is 40% the going rate in your state? Are you new in the industry?
Are they running the special so that you can build up a clientele?
So, if you are making 40% of the sale prices you are getting $6 for a full set; $6.80 for a pedi and $1.60 for a manicure.
Hopefully you get tipped for each service.
Good luck!

I would say that the standard is 50-60% and it includes all supplies except implements.
I think u mis-read what i typed..I get 60%..but Im still not liking these #s..smh..
yes it is a new salon..Saturday we closed early at 6p cause no clients came for 3 solid hours on a Saturday..
Location is OK but its a lil hard to see so he advertises in the most people come in becuz of that...but i guess that will be next to get more customers to come regular price cuz its a beautiful salon..
Wow, those are some low prices! As a salon owner I would say that you should only get paid on the money that comes in, so 60% of $15 would be $9 plus tips (I'm assuming). Can you do a full set in under an hour? The second thing to look at as an owner is if the minimum wage required for your state is being met... In WA it would not be, so the owner would have to kick in extra to meet the requirement, in which case yes, you would be getting paid more than the 60%.

When you are getting a percentage of the service total, there are a few ways that it could go wrong. One would be the % split, which seems very fair in your case. Two would be the service price itself not being set to be profitable, which is what looks like is going on here! Prices can't be set based solely on what the salons around you charge, they MUST be calculated to cover overhead, supplies, equipment, advertising and wages or no one will end up making a decent living.
Yes..the standard is a % of whatever you actually bring in. So, the sale prices are what you will more than likely get your split on.
I would totally ask about the regular set prices for future reference because here I am close to Cleveland...our prices arent even that low.... and... the vietemese places arent even THAT cheap...
That is too low..unless you are a newbie...but if you have experience and do really good work..I wouldnt work for that. Thats less than $8 an hour on average..and that is like minimum wage!!!

But,,, I know how it goes bcuz I came in working for mostly groupons..which she sold dirt cheap for $30 (mani/pedi)..which we do both in an hours...but then groupon takes half , so that leaves $15 for us to split...So, I am making a measley $7.50 for an hours worth of services...but, at least I am getting return clients and some of them will tip me really well..which is nice.
But i think i would talk to your boss about those prices cuz that is not giving you a good opportunity to make a decent could essentially work at Burger King and make about the same.
So, speak up girl!! Nobody else will do it for Smile let us know what happens..
or... you can tell them you need to make a minimum of 'such an such'...and ask for a salary/hourly. That way they will make sure to book you the most and you will build faster that way...just a suggestion Wink