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Full Version: Lace with Shellac/Gelpolish
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I have a client that wants lace on her ring fingers for her wedding...... Has anyone ever tried this?? Huh Any suggestions would be great!

Thank you!!! SmileSmile
Iuse to do laces. Iused a thinner lace, cut pieces to fit the nail, either on a diagonal or lengthways so that the edge showed. I polished and placed the lace piece on wet polish. I let it dry a bit and applied top coat. With gel, I would apply to the tacky layer and then apply top coat and cure. You can always trim with scissors and/or a file on the free edge.
Awesome! I was thinking it needed to be a thinner fabric lace..... someone suggested using lace stockings!! I'll play around with it and see how I do!

Thank you so much!!
I have tried to put the lace on the tacky layer before but find that it works better if you apply it to a thin layer of uncured gel. Occasionally I use some plastic wrap and wrap it around the finger and use that to keep it in place when curing.
As another suggestion, Nail Grafx at has delicate and beautiful lace decals that can be layered over the nail for some lovely effects.

These are not your average nail decals - very high end and not cheap looking at all. Very easy to use. Just a thought...
Thanks for all the help! SmileSmile

I found the Nail Grafx and I'm going to try that!! They had a few lace ones that will be perfect!!