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Full Version: Advice Needed
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I have an in home salon and would like advice on what type of pedicure chair you are all using.

I currently use an esthetics bed but since most clients prefer to sit up for their pedis instead of lying back, they aren't finding it very comfortable.

I was looking at the Belava Embrace chair and it looks pretty nice - am wondering if anyone is using it? I'm really not interested in a throne which would require plumbing.

Any advice or pictures of your setup would be appreciated!
Well when i had my own place and cldnt plumb...we bought one of those high back leather chairs that come with an ottoman. They are the kind that sway back and forth. They run about $150 normally and u can find them almost everywhere. Then we just used a regular footbath. Or you cld buy a nice bowl...or they even make those nice resin bowls now that are a bit classier in my opinion. But even if u dont want to get the chair mentioned....any lower sitting comfortable chair wld work. Just try it out first and see if it wld be comfortable for a pedi....but i wld dedinitely get something besides your table. I agree with your clients...a chair wld be much nicer!!!! Hth Smile
My husband just built me a new pedi area this year - it's a double set-up but could easily be done as a single. You can see pictures on my website

Nails magazine did a step by step with materials list and pictures in their July issue. It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but might spark an idea...
If you click on the tab "The Studio" that's where the picture is.
Candice..ur pedi setup is really cute!!! Are thosr chairs from Ikea?? Thats totally what i was thinking of...but the ones i was talking about swiveled...but i like yours....its too cute..and how nice you dont have to bend over anymore!! Thats great!! Congrats....ur place is beautiful..and so is your work Smile
Thanks Tracy, Yes - those are from Ikea and they are very comfy!