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Full Version: akzentz techs plz help me, jessica are u out there
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went to smoky mt show, got graphix decals, girl used luxio to seal it, nice shine, i purchased luxo and options clear. The girl doing my decal used a led lamp. jessica hoel was next to her doing the akzentz gel. sooo it was crazy busy, i dident get to buy a lamp i was so confused by how many gels there were. i have a reg 9wt x8 phillips bulb uv lamp. bulbs are 3months old. im curing three mins for both gels and they are dull.........................i want to buy a led lamp that goes with this gel, thanks vickie
here is where you can find Jess,
I can tell you that I use options clear & luxio daily in my salon & love it. I use a 36watt uv tunnel lamp to cure everything. The options line, to my knowledge cures with uv only. Luxio is uv & led. I sometimes use an options color along with a luxio color in the same service, & I cure both lines for 2 minutes in my uv lamp with no trouble. Hope that helps some. If not, hopefully Jess will see this & can better answer your questions.