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Full Version: quick bucks
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have anyone seen or use this system? this thing got me thinking proms or someone that just want something that last for the wedding an honeymoon...... or for those that not have the the brush skills....... just thought it's a hell of a concepts and got me in trig..... personally I'm to aigtnal to use such thing because do look like I can shape/structural for nails that need a little help.
Ummm. Remember Elegant Glass??? Same concept.....just years later....and the obvious backscratchers powder dip as well.....
They wld be good for someone who isnt hard on their nails...but anyone used to wearing traditional acrylics cldnt keep them on. The strength just isnt there....but ya...its fast. I used Elegant Glass for some time and liked the speed from start to finish.
Iffn you are going to do something for proms, weddings, etc. all ya got to do is adhere a tip and put a couple coats of glue, top coat and your done, last up to two weeks. Dip system would take too long for a quick set. Have had many a client transition from acrylic to the dip system with great success. Sorry to hear it didn't work for ya Traci!

Not sure I understand the quick bucks system. Certainly don't like the name, sounds cheap!
The EG system was great. I could wear it where regular acrylics would not stay on my nails. Loved it.