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I recently bought a led a
lamp to speed up the time on my gel polish applications and was wondering if I could use the lamp with regular gel systems or should I just use the uv lamp
LED lamps only work with gel systems that can cure by led technology.
Some brands can cure in the quick speed times and others need to be under light the same amount of time they would be in uv. Axxium would take full uv time. shellac does not cure under led light. All others usually say their led times on the product
Is this what you were asking?
The three brands I currently use all work with led but that's just for the gel polishes which is the only form of gel I use at the moment, but I want to get in to doing gel extensions and was wondering if any of those systems work with the led lamp
Your gel brand would need to be LED curable. It won't be good to experiment and see if it will or not. There are several brands of LED cure hard gels. Just make sure that's what you get.
most companies will be reformulating their traditional gels to cure in LED lamps. Give it some time.