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Full Version: What's your fav online supply store?
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Hi all,

I LOVE shopping online for all my nail goodies. What is your favorite online nail tech supply shop?
I use several... Tammy Taylor, Nailite, Premier Nail Source, and Republic Nail mainly. I also find some art products on eBay.
Hey amber....where do u work?? You are new here shld post pics of your work sometime. If u follow the boards u will get a load of info on where and what to shop for. What NOT to waste your money on...and what the best products are. Smile Its a wealth of information welcome!! Just follow along and you will find every answer to your questions no doubt!! We have alot of great techs on here!!!
Nail tech supply ,Nailite ,Premier Nail Source ,and sometimes Amazon...Smile
Forgot to mention Young Nails....
My favs are nailite, transdesign and Sheba nails
I use Premier Nail Source & Nailite for supplies. When I get my product online, I use Tammy Taylor or other manufacturer sites (depending on what product I'm buying) to take advantage of items they have on discount.