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Full Version: Long Island Networking Event
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Hello All!! I am just wondering Who might be around for the LI Networking event on Sunday evening? I'll be getting in on Sunday. Smile
hey call me when you get in! I'm getting excited now!!
I will Definitely call you Deb, can't wait to see you!! Smile
(08-03-2012, 10:01 PM)Darcy Wrote: [ -> ]I will Definitely call you Deb, can't wait to see you!! Smile
Hi Darcy! What are you doing? You hanging with Deb? Im looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!
well she missed a good dinner!!! see ya'll in the morning!!
Sorry Deb, traffic was terrible and trip in took 2 hours longer than it should have...see you soon!
Well we had a Mahvelous day Smile Zero drama, one calamedy and almost everyone went home with a raffle prize! Tons & TONS of hands on, several workshops - all in all an invigorating weekend!

Huge thanks to all the educators:
Backscratchers Yvonne
CND Kris
Dashing Diva Candis
Efile Certification, ENP Simmy
Forever French Nail Systems Kerry
INM Rica
Light Concepts Michelle
Light Elegance Pina
MasterWorks Amy
Nail Tek Felicia (The Trooper)
Odyssey Nail Trang (who's bags got lost until almost 8p!)
OPI Theresa
Precision Nails Jamie
Young Nails Soo

Thank you to Elena & Maureen for all their help, to Kathy and Cathy for helping stuff..

The pictures are up!

Hope everyone enjoyed and had a safe trip home!

The pics are Great Deb! Thank you for all of your hard work and Thank you to your assistants too, it was a Fantastic event, as always! Long drive and all, it was Totally worth the trip. Smile
It really really was the best ever... welcome.. and already Maureen & Elena are making plans for next years event!!! I'm so proud of them!

Ha! Love that one pic og you and Maureen looking like you are conspiring to take over the world Smile The new camera really got a work out and I have to thank that one student who gave me a pointer for even better shots!
Awesome photos. I am sorry I missed it.