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Full Version: Footsie bath liner Pedi client kit.
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Is it possible to bag/tag and reuse the same Footsie bath liner on the same client? Like if client x comes every month just reuse her same liner on her? I wasnt sure about the durability of the liners or if they would break down or tear. Ive got the storage space i just have never used a Footsie before so i Dont know if that was possible to make a client kit of sorts.
I have this tub and as far as how durable this would be, I'm not sure. It seems like it would kinda waste your money though. You'd still have to take the time/money to disinfect the liners (if they could withstand it and I'm not too optimistic that they could. I toss 'em. It saves me oodles of time and my clients seem impressed with the "new pedicure/new tub" thing! HTH.
I just wish the liners came in smaller packages. Having to pay out $100 at i time seems daunting to me.
CloudNine, check Sally's. They have them on special this month for $79