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Full Version: Help with polish application
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Hi. I have always encountered issues applying semi opaque & opaque polishes. What is the best way to apply without streaks and unevenness to the color. Thanks for your help
sometimes it's just the polish. I use Zoya and I've found a few of them just don't cover well even tho they're supposed to be opaque. I've had to make sure I had quite a bit of polish on the brush and use a lighter touch when applying it. If you press too hard, you're actually scraping some of it off. Also, maybe do 3 thin coat rather than 2 heavy ones to make sure you get it even.
Yep, floating the polish on works best.
I shall take your advice. Thanks for your help just comes with experience for the most part. Allthough some colors are just buttheads, and streak terribly. Zoya has a few colors like that... And essie... well, I guess all lines have a few bad apples in You just have to learn to manipulate the colors as best as you can. With those have to just leave it alone after you apply it. Try to do your 3 swipe method and just leave it be. Because it will pull and leave bare marks. Smile
Pastels are the worst for me...i use China Glaze almost exclusively and i have about 7 pastels that I hide so clients don't pick them Blush