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Full Version: O.T.D Acrylic
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Hello all! Have any of you ever tried INM's Out the Door acrylic system? If so, how did/do you feel about it, and what line do you feel it's comparable to? TIA, take care.
I will try to get a sample from the Rep...Julie...she lives right by where I work!!! She's not the rep..but something higher... director of education?? I dont remember.. but she raved about it. She was in last month for a pedicure with me and promised to drop off some samples of everything from their I am patiently waiting.. I do acrylics often, so I cant wait to try it!! I will keep you updated!! Smile
Please do! If she knows how or where I can get my hands on some samples, let me know. I'm in the market for a new acrylic line, so I'll appreciate anything that makes my search easier. TIA!