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Full Version: steps to prepping the nail
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My acrylics, full sets and fills are still taking way too long. I think im a little OCD when it comes to prepping the nail because their is such an emphasis on how important it is. I may have take it to the next level. A f/s, is easy, push back and remove cuticle, rough up nail. I use clear tips to save me time on blending (i am HORRIBLE at sculpting).
When my client comes in for a fill, i sspend the first hour prepping her. Cuticle work, either i carve out the whites or shave down almost all of the enhancement. Cleanse the nails w alcohol, apply linkage which has really helped with the lifting issues.
Im a little anal with the whites, liking them looking pretty close to perfect so that take a little time, i fly through the pink and my finish file take 10 min start to top coat.

Any suggestions? I would love to hear what steps you use during the process and what bits u use. I switch a few times and hand file as well. Oh yea and i do talk to the hand! Lol
Wow...just practice makes you become faster... and normally go by the 15 min plan. 15 mins for polish removal/ prep....15 to apply product....then 15 to finsh file..15 to polish/shellac. And adjust your times accordingly of course. And u just have to make yourslef not take that long. I do cuticle prep w my opi pusher and curette...then i use a sanding band to blend the regrowth area....wipe with acetone/scrub and apply product. You just have to move will take time but eventually u will get it. Hth Smile