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Full Version: Late Clients...Thoughts?
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I work in a very popular natural nails salon where its difficult to get an appointment. Our longest service is an hour long pedicure. A regular mani-pedi should take no more than 1 hr and 15 mins. (That includes extra time we block in case customers are late or take a long time picking polish) I only do regular services, no spa. Many clients, especially big parties, come in 15-20 or even 30 mins late for their service.

Do you guys shorten the services when clients are that late? Many times I am told to do the full service is there's even a small gap between clients but this cuts into my break and makes me late for my other clients. I often go without a break because if this. I can understand giving clients the full service if I truly have the time but I also think this encourages them to come as they please. What are your thoughts? Do you still perform full services on clients that are 30 mins late or do you shorten their service?
I usually can't even do them if they're that late! I'll give 'em 15 minutes of wiggle room but after that, they reschedule.

how you handle this depends on whether you're a booth renter or employee. If you're a booth renter and can control the situation then it's up to you to decide. If you're an employee, then you have to do as management says.
Yes I would cut the service short. Like Donna said, 15 min late and no can do, they must reschedule.
I wouldn't even do them if they were 30 minutes late, I give them 15 and then they have to reschedule (usually a couple weeks later). Time is money, and running into another person's slot is not ok.
I usually have a 10 minute buffer in my service times, so I will allow as much as that. If they are later than that I will do the service IF it can be cut short (not all can be) or completed in the time allotted. I won't do the service at all if I can't be done, check-out, rebook, clean & set up in time for the next client. At that point my cancellation policy kicks in and I still charge the 80% if I can't do accommodate the late client.
I would ,as a booth renter, offer them a scaled down service, if they do not agree to that ,I will happily offer to rescedule...if that is not acceptable to them ,then ,I bid them is selfish and inconsiderate if they are late ,and don't compromise somehow after you politely offer alternatives...
Being late demonstrates a lack of respect, and why change behavior when there are no consequences?
Agree with everyone's comments. I have a client who used to be habitually 10 or 15 minutes late to her appointments with me. Yet we both moved in the same networking circles, and I was amazed that she was always on time, or even early for these events. After I noticed this I mentioned to her that I needed her to arrive on time for her appointments. Not only has this kept my schedule on time, it's improved my tech-client relationship with her. Now I actually really enjoy her visits because I feel she respects me. Jaime is right.
Time to start charging per minute, think we could get away with this
That's what I thought. I am an employee and all of my coworkers feel the same way. Sometimes it's difficult to even scale down a service because the latecomers are picky or have problem hands and feet.

The owners are pretty open to feedback so hopefully if enough of us bring it up, they will make a change.

Thanks for all the input!