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Full Version: Anyone else use.......
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....dried flowers? What about 3D crystal bows? Really big here in the UK at the minute.

[Image: LauraFlowers1.JPG]
By Laura Denton
[Image: Glenda&LeanneHay1.JPG]
By Glenda Hough
Very nice!
The flowers were really big back about 5 years ago or so. It's tapered off now but they're still used. The bows, hmmmm, not so much for me, I would never be able to sell that. Too many would fuss about it catching on stuff, imo, it's for the young set and I don't get those.
Thanks for the feedback, just trying to gauge new trends coming out of the US before they land here in the UK. What colours and styles are you seeing more of at the moment? Anything especially new? :-)