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Full Version: Where are the nail classes??
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I have been searching all night for some nail classes somehwere....anywhere. I cant find any and I am desperatly needing some new inspiration and stuck in a late summer rut. I want more than just my hours, I want to learn something new. CND only has a couple classes and even those are a long distance. So, if anyone knows of any classes preferrably in the midwest, please speak up. I dont know where else to look.
The Midwest ISSE is coming up
(07-30-2012, 11:17 AM)jluper7297 Wrote: [ -> ]The Midwest ISSE is coming up

Where is that?
when and where is that?
have you checked the calendar here??
Premiere Beauty Classic Columbus Oct 7-8

Midwest (Chicago) ISSE Nov 5th

There is a masterworks training course in WI in september