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Full Version: Dazed and Confused
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Hi Everyone!
WOW! I havent been in here in a while! Thought I would pop in and see whats going on.. I am soo lost! I scroll thru and look for the like button.. Smile

I look forward to catching up
Yea, it's been a long time since I've seen you on here! I've seen the grad pix you've posted and I know you're doing great with that. Those kinda of grad pix are so popular right now. The salon mgr. where I'm at does airbrush makeup for the photog. who does a lot of those pix. It seems there's a lot of people who want to get into that line of work because the photographer gives regular classes on this kind subject at the shop. It's always full.
Hi Donna

I still do nails (day career) and I do love my photography (nights and weekends) I bet I know who the photographer you are referring to is.. AH does a lot of workshops and her classes stay booked. I do love doing HS senior sessions they are my fav!

I try to keep up with everyone on FB but I am trying to make it back over here also!