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Full Version: RAM Products E-file
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Fellow techs I need some help and guidance on purchasing an e-file to use on toes. I already know I need at least 30 K rpms ,and do not need a foot pedal...I have strolled the internet ,and seem to have settled on one from RAM Products. I believe it is the Primo ,but in any case ,have any of you purchased an e-file from them ,and if so ,what are your thoughts on its quality and overall performance ? I am looking to make a purchase within the next two weeks ,so please hurry with replies ,lol! Smile Thanks so much in advance for any help and info....
I have the ergo slim that can be used cordless. I do use the plug because it seems to run a bit stronger.
I love it!

I have the RPM Pro portable and the desktop model and love them both!
I purchased the RPM desktop for my pedi station a couple years ago and it works great.