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Full Version: using a i-pad for clients
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Is anyone using a i-pad for keeping records on clients? I'm trying to find an app. but so far no luck.
I want to use my IPad to keep my schedule on too, but can't find an app that I want to use. Schedulicity is a nice site to use, but it is $25 a's not really an app, just a website I believe. Some people use Styleseat, but I don't find it user friendly.
I've been using style seat for 6 months and love it. It's your best bet it's free and you will get used to it. My clients love it because they can book online.
I use Vagaro on my iPad & iPhone. It is $25/month, but it tracks everything (including retail inventory). Well worth the $$ IMO.
I use the regular calendar on my iPad and it syncs w my iPhone. I use different colors for clients and keep track of their service cost in the notes of each client.
I had purchased an app on my iPhone (my book) that I love, but it won't sync w my iPad. So until it syncs I'm not using it. You would have to do a back up and only schedule in the iPad or the iPhone only. But i did send a request to the app company to let me know when it would be available to sync automatically.
I don't like apps that you have to use the Internet to have your data stored somewhere else.