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Full Version: Thinking about trying gel. Thoughts Please.
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I have only used gel a few times and that was when I was in school back in 2003. At that time we used OPI Microbond and I didn't like it. Ever since then I have been completely turned off from gels and only do acrylic. I'm thinking about trying gel now and would love to know what you all use and recommend. Also do you prefer gel over acrylic? I currently use Young Nails acrylic and have great luck with it.
Sweetie....this has been asked and asked over and over. Please do a search for gels/ gel linrs and it will be a good starting point for u. Best thing to do is get sample kits and use them and see what you like. Most popular brands on this board is Akzentz,Light elegance, YN,Ten, harmony....and probably of luck to u!!!
I have done searches but I really don't have the time to read all of them. I'm a super busy mom like so many people are and it's just easier to ask for me than to spend a couple of hours researching.
Well this board is a wealth of information and it shldnt take hours to search. Look up the brands i mentioned and go from there. Gel is alot diff than acrylic....but like with most nail related items its just learning to manipulate the products and learning what they will and will not do. There are pages and pages on this board...go back and read up on what others have to say. Light elegance has a GOOD sample kit thats cheap. Start there and see what u a single mom but i always make time to educate myself on a regular basis....its the only way to keep and edge on everyone else!!!!! Wink
I was an acrylic girl but due to a teaching position I had to make friends with gel. So here it goes. I like it...a lot! It actually helped me troubleshoot some acrylic issues. Once you get a hang of making the product move and stay it's pretty nice. Some bonuses are:
-it's odorless
-most clients haven't seen it and will think it (and you) are awesome
-most discount salons don't offer it so it will set you apart

I've tried (in some capacity) Axxium, Synergy, NSI Balance, Brisa, and Nouveou and Nails. My fav is Synergy. HTH.
I've been using Young Nails for quite awhile now, and I really like how it handles. If you'll go on Youtube, there's lots of vids on there demoing how to do different steps with gel. They're very clear and well done, and best of all, FREE!!