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Full Version: How to deal with co-workers using your implements..
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How do you all deal with fellow nail techs (or co-workers) using your implements, not sanitizing them afterward & giving you back something that is clearly not yours stating that it is or damaged?
I placed my pedicure implements (cuticle pusher, cuticle nippers, toe nail cutters) in sanitizer bag& in sanitizer & not only were they gone but not even in the pedicure at nail table with acrylic on it
I loove working with other nail techs but hate having to deal with situations that arise such as using your tools (supplies), jealousy, greediness of customers, etc..
Please don't get me wrong, I do not mind borrowing sometimes,especially if u run out in the middle of a service but i try not to make a habit of it & will quickly replace what is borrowed.
But just blatant disregard of my implements has me soo frustrated Im almost ready to pack my things up & go to another location.
Any help?
Implements and brushes are like don't share! Lol. Seriously though, is it possible for you to bring in a lockable cart/cabi?
Yes I am working on a lockable cabinet by the end of the week..I have a vision of one on wheels, pad lock with shelves on the inside for my polishes also...smh
I don't deal with it. I lock my stuff up like a stingy girl.
I put my implements in a plastic box like a pencil box and bring them back & forth every day. Its worth it! Cuticle nippers can be pricy and we all know how easily they can get damaged when not cared for. Also like u said, I want to know my implements are as clean as I keep them when I go to use something Smile
I used to lock up everything I could and what couldn't be locked up, I took home at the end of the day. Kind of a pain, but it was easier than walking into work to find that my things had been used and then I was angry. So that solved the problem. Unfortunately, some people have no respect for other people's property!
(07-18-2012, 01:06 PM)da nail lady Wrote: [ -> ]Yes I am working on a lockable cabinet by the end of the week..I have a vision of one on wheels, pad lock with shelves on the inside for my polishes also...smh

you could get a small tool box for right now. They have shallow drawers and a would be easy to put on a table if needed. They come in so many colors now, I had a HUGE one that held tons of stuff, it was stainless steel.

I would do anytg u can to take care of them. The last salon i was at the other 2 girls there were lazy-- cheap...whatever...and wld ' borrow' my good implem. All the time. I had pruchased 3 brand new pair of mehaz nippers and a new pair of mehaz toenail cutters. Well needless to say-- my nippers got dull so fast it was unusual. And my new toenail cutters disappeared all together. I finally started taking all mine home everyday. Ppl just dont care. Either u have a passion for this biz or u dont. Those of us who do value everytg about it...those who dont...dont and they r jealous of us that do. Period. Take care of your stuff in any way u need to cuz nobody else is going to!!!
as the others have said....lock them up!!it's worth it, i lock up everything from implements to cuticle oil!!!
Well that problem on top of soooo many other problems i ended up leaving the salon..I was sick of packing my case every nite wondering if they would be in my supplies, taking my polishes & never returning them..& a nervous wreck if i stepped out to eat & left my belongings there...smh..over it!
And many owners do nothing to rectify the situation...i worked in one location that was set up with lockers...that was the best...what ever happened to lockable nail tables...??
This salon owner employs manicurists, and provides EVERYTHING . . .