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Full Version: suggestion on pedicure products
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i wanted to ask what are your favourite pedicure products.what you use to soak the feet,the best scrub you don't want to live without ,foot cream and callus remover.well i guess i want to know all the products you love Smile
I am a fan of Qtica's soaks, scrubs and lotions. The scrub dissolves wonderfully and they have so many choices in scent. Also, CND's cucumber heal therapy is a great cream and retails well for dry feet and CND had a good callus remover.
Spa Blends Massage Whip lotion, Butter Scrub and shower gel and VB Cosmetics Cuticle Remover and Callus Spray.
what is the vb cosmetics callus spray?never heard of it..i used up to now callus eliminator but if there is something better you can suggest iwould love to try!
I used Qtica scrub and mask...and Nailites fooy soak and their brand callous remiver. Its is SO much better than callous eliminator and about 1/3 of the price!!!!! You can't go wrong w nailites products beacause they are so much more affordable!!! I believe that the Qtica large sizes are the best value out there bcuz its lasts so long since u only used a small amount.....hth Smile
Love qtica scrub! I use Gena foot soak. It is cheap and does the job. I keep it in an applicator bottle and squeeze a small amount. It bubbles up nicely.
Footlogix products are the best in my opinion.