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Full Version: Nail/Gel Polish display fan
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Hello....Does anyone know where I can purchase a display fan (50 tips) in the usa. Don't want to order from overseas :0/.... Thanks
I bought some on Ebay. Yes, they came from overseas, but so do the ones from US distributors. They are less than half the price of the US distributor and are made by the exact same manufacturer. Plus the shipping is free and takes a bit less than 2 weeks.

We have them here in the Shoppe..

[Image: SL7045G.JPG]
I got one of those on eBay. Love it!
I got 3 of those on ebay.
Yep too...i paid $5.99 shipping included....what a deal!!! And it took about a week to get...but oh well!!!! Check out ebay man.....its a steal!!
Actually.....they were only $3.23 including s/h....for 50. Heres a link.....

Just wanted to make that correction.