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Full Version: I need 2 acrylic bows for a client
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Heyya...I never learned how to do acylic 3-d art....and I have a client who wants acrylic pink bows for 2 fingers. Could anybody help me out and either make some for me or direct me where I can buy them?? I thought acrylic 3-d art could be purchased separately....but if you want to do them for me...send me pics of your work and we can discuss a price. They need to be done within the next week... email me at : [email protected] dot com..
Thanks!!! I know that there are some really talented nail artists on here...Ive just never had the demand for 3-d art before....thanks everyone!! Sleepy
oh those are perfect but she is leaving next tuesday....I watched some tutorials on acrylic bows, and im pretty sure that I could do them. But I told her I wanted a deposit first...but she doesnt trust that I can do a good I dunno... We will see. I was going to give her a great deal for all the work involved...but thank you!! I will practice now on them when I get my acrylic!! Smile
I hear you. Too much stress worrying if they will get there on time. I think I'm going to order some to keep on hand
Hi Tracy, They are pretty easy to do, and fun! Just today I 'be got my 3D brush, here is the link from where I got it, and a tutorial of a bow, hope this helpsSmile.