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Full Version: spray tanning
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please anyone, i am very interested in becoming a spray tan technician but cant seem to find out if you have to be licensed or really anything about it. i live in KY. I've chosen a career in health care where i am completely dissatisfied and need a career with some happiness in it. please anyone that knows anything about this position please help me get started. thanks
Hello everybody our Spray Tanning Techniques give you a great tanned look, and from moisturizing ingredients that leave your skin feeling nourished and pampered. Thanks
Hi dl8849
If you want to email me, I can share some Reputable companies that will educate you all about spray tanning. I'm in Ma otherwise I would be happy to share my knowledge with you.
I hope the admin do not consider this an endorsement- I own a custom airbrush spray tanning salon in addition to nail care only.
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well i've myself never tried it, but my friend has, she turned orange! and it looks so fake, just go outside and tan alittle
Finding a supplier who offers training and support is easy. The difficult part (which is not so very difficult) is taking the time to call your local board of cosmetology. Ask them what the legal requirements are for doing body wraps and spray tanning.
I know from experience that California has no requirements.

Best of luck,
Chris Em