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Full Version: Looking for disposable nail polish brushes
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I would like to buy disposable nail polish brushes. I was thinking of pouring a slight bit of polish into a dish and use the disposable brush.
Any suggestions would be great.
I was trying to find a company that sells the empty bottles with the brush but i just want the brushes.
Just curious. Why would you want to do that?
I'd have to ask the same question . . . greater exposure will evaporate the solvents that much faster.
If you're worried about sanitation... nail polish is essentially "self sanitizing" so there's no real need for single use items, you will just be increasing waste and your service costs will go up.
Thank you. I was told that fungus can be transmitted from polish to nails. I know you will all tell me that no one should polish fungal nails. I am not the only one that uses the polish.
I was hoping for an article. If you know of anything in writing stating that fungus cannot live in nail polish that would be so helpful.

Chemists Paul Bryson and Doug Schoon have discussed this; bacteria and fungus cannot be transmitted through polish.
Too lazy to dig my books out, but I'm 98% sure it says in the Milady textbook that bacteria and fungus cannot live in nail polish
All true - I went over this exhausitively by email with some different knowlegable industry professionals. They all said that nothing can live in the polish environment.

I even asked if there was a case where you unknowingly used polish on a fungal nail - how long before you can use the polish on another client before you could possibly transfer the fungus?

They said as long as the bottle is closed about 10 minutes, there should be no problem with transferring something to your client.

I would like to read more about this in detail if anyone has an aritcle or source to share. I like to print this type of information for my clients that are interested or concerned...

Hello, I'm not sure if you are still looking for disposable nail polish brushes, but here is a company that specializes in just that, I was searching for the same thing. I actually stumbled across the site 3 weeks ago and ordered the single box of 500 brushes with 5 brush holder handles. It's really good.