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Full Version: how to give a GREAT regular pedicure
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I am working at an all nail salon & would like to learn how to give an awesome basic pedicure & have customers coming back requesting me...i would like to incorporate a warm towel but dont know if it should be b4 the lotion massage or after...
I do my warm towels before the lotion massage.
I do warm towels before the massage during a spa pedicure...
what is the benefit of warm towels during pedicure? is it only for the feeling or has to do something else that i don't know?also what are your steps ?
Warm towels are often used to remove scrub or a mask and done before the lotion/massage. You could also consider bags and warm booties after the lotion/massage to help the skin absorb the moisture.

Both of these can be added to any pedicure as an upgrade or as a "spa" pedicure and allow you to charge and make more on your pedicure.
Agreed , Malea.... Well put...Smile
OK great..i will do my warm towels b4 the massage
My steps...
1. remove nail polish
2. cut & shape nails apply cuticle remover & place back in water
3. push cuticles back..cut excess cuticles
4. apply callous remover let set for 2-5min, begin scraping, place back in water
5. apply sea spa scrub & massage on feet & leg
6. rinse off, dry off & apply lotion
7. put on pedi slippers, toe seperators, wipe nails off with acetone & apply 2 coats of polish & topcoat
8. price..$30
I have been getting good responses from my pedicures but just wanted to make sure Im doing them correctly & if there was any steps i needed to add..
thanks for any info!
what you describe is what I do for my deluxe pedi. I get $40 for that. You've got to consider the use of your products in your price and the extra time it takes to do the steps for callus work, scrub, and massage. All of my clients love the massage part and expect at least a 3-5 min. massage for the deluxe. This takes roughly an hr.

I've also got a basic pedi with no frills, that I do for $30 because some times, they just don't want the extra stuff. It's a soak, trimming the nails, pushing back the cuticles, massage of the foot only, and polish. It should only take 30 min.
I give my clients a really good massage and pay very careful attention to the maintenence of their toenails and callus softening, I am also now incorporating into my pedicures after the lotion and massage I put paraffin in a baggie and place onto their feet wrap with a towel and let sit about 5 minutes while I clean up my area then proceed to cleanse and polish