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Full Version: Young Nails in Canada
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I'm thinking about switching my gel system from Amore, to Young Nails but I'm not sure if I'll get charged duties out the wazoo ordering from the states and if I do if it'll really be worth it, do really like the Amore line but, I really really love YN's online educational videos.

Have any opinions on this ladies?

Oh and just to let you all know I've got another job working at the Nail Salon my former instructor owns!
Hey - another Canadian Smile Where are you located? There is an awesome YN distributor in BC that I order from. It's Nail Techniques in Kelowna. You'll have to register in order to shop online but the pricing is really good.

Also their Facebook page:

I've not used either Amore or YN gel so can't help you there but I agree the YN educational videos are awesome. So glad you found another place to work, and quickly too.

I am in Toronto Smile
There is a great Canadian distributor in Saskatchewan that carries SEVEN different gels lines including Amore, Onyx, Light Elegance, NSI, CND Brisa, Christrio and NOW Young Nails Smile They also have FREE shipping over $150.00. Check them out at Http://
There's another YN distributor in Victoria close to me but I can't for the life of me remember her name. I think the company name is Glitterati Beauty Systems or something like that but either of the other 2 mentioned might be closer depending on where you're located.