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Full Version: Hair stylist aren't going to be happy about this
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I believe we (nail techs) are safe from this. I cant see how anyone could guarantee salon results selling d.i.y. acrylic.
this is no different than the methods of drug store product. self application is always difficult, some will still mess it up and need a professional to fix it - such is life!
I'm a stylist too, this doesn't bother me much... no more than the gel polish available in the drug stores!
Self application and messy spills are the worst part of home hair color. Those who expect quality will continue to visit the salon.
Sounds ridiculous.
Why oh Why didn't i think of this? I always say that after something comes out and someone else is raking in the dough.
Its a great idea for the inventors but it is not easy to properly apply color. It is a great gimmick but I don't think it is going to take away business anymore than the boxed color that you can buy in any supermarket.
Exactly Sillysoup. I think with YouTube videos walking anyone through anything that this is not a new concept. Other than paying a whopping $25 for a bottle of color. I think that's a bit steep.
this proves they are not all bad and we should not generalize,fortunately the bad ones are in a minority,i dont know how they get customers with their bad attitude.