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Full Version: E-file bits - question?!?
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Just wondering how often you replace your carbide bits for your e-file? I feel like mine is possibly getting a bit worn... how often do you replace them?
I use it primarily for taking down the old nail enhancement and then removing excess bulk after sculpting the new one.

Should it get dull? I've not been doing this long enough to know!

really? does no one replace these?
If u r really busy and use it daily i wld guess about every 6 months?? I only use sanding bands now for everytg unless i have someone new that has exsisting thick nails. When i was newer i did use them more often for the reasons u mentioned. I always clean mine by running the bit horizontally on a manicure brush. That helps clean out the gunk. So ya. They do wear out. Hth Smile
Since I switched to the Swiss Carbide bits I don't have to replace my bits as often. About once a year. Cost a little more, but definitely worth it. The Swiss carbides shave off the product rather than filing it off. Now it's not as dusty around here ;-)
Ooohhh! Link plz!
Check out
(07-17-2012, 11:56 PM)Luvglitter Wrote: [ -> ]Check out

Better yet....