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Full Version: sally hansen nail art pens
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i would like to ask what are your opinions about those pens.have you tried them and if so what is your experience?is there anything similar to those ones ?also what you all use for your detailed nail art?i see so many designs that have such small details and would love to know how they can be done and with what materials!
I've used the nail art pens a long time ago but didn't like them. So for all my art work I use a very thin paint brush I get at Michaels. I use acrylic paint, gel and regular polish for all my art work.
do you have a link for the brush to see it?
I have heard GREAT things about this one, it's on my list.
I don't have a link for the brush. Sorry.
I just ordered that art pen from Can't wait to play with it.
Go to Youtube and look up Robin Moses. She does awesome hand-painted nail art & she has a tutorial on what brushes she uses too.