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Full Version: Those small 9 watt UV lamps
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I use 2 UV tunnel lamps at a time, I'm needing new bulbs, plus I'm tired of these monsters crowding my table. I'm looking at the little 9 watt lamps on Nailite. Other than being small and having to cure thumbs separately, would these work as well as a regular tunnel lamp for both soak off and hard gels?

Thanks Smile
I have 2 that I got last year from Nailite and I love them! I got the silver one with the timer on the back and it does the job just as well as the tunnel one. Plus I think I get a better cure doing the thumbs separately since when I do all 5 at once, I can't always be sure that the client won't have finger lying on a bit of an angle or more on its side so that that one nail doesn't cure as uniformly as the others.