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Full Version: What is better to make the nail look
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natural acrylic or gels, I want the nails to look just like it is theirs not like something is on them . What company is best to use.
A good nail tech can make any enhancement look natural
I'd use nothing but a good quality clear. Every gel and acrylic co. at least has that.
Yes. I agee....but if the client wants something that looks completely natural i wld go with a clear gel and not acrylic. Thats going to give u a truly transparent look and if not polished with some clear coat-- you wouldnt even be able to tell that you put an overlay on them....i think that is what ur question was geared to...ive used akzentz and light elegance-- both really nice systems and they both have a one step gel so you dont have to get the bonder with it. Hth Smile
Thank you yes that was what I was saying
I thought so!!! U r welcome my dear...Wink