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Full Version: Dashing Diva's Design FX...Anyone used this?
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Has anyone tired the Dashing Diva's Design FX? I know this is a new product to north America, but I haven't tried it at all yet and I was thinking of grabbing a couple sheets from the local cosmoProf. Any Suggestions??? Also I was wondering about the application and removal...
I just used these today for the first time. You can check them out on my Facebook page through the link below Smile

They're super cute! I sealed them with a gel top coat because they were for a wedding and I was paranoid. LOL

I will keep you updated on how they wear. Smile


Those look fantastic! They can be bought in Canada?
You bet! I got mine at Cosmoprof. I think they were $12'ish for 3 sets. Good price!

Also, they have the Dashing Diva FM set so I got one of those too. Super easy with awesome results! Mind you, I do a good free-hand french but this is a good option as well. Smile


Ok, so I bought to of them, now I just need to wait for someone to walk through the door that is willing to try it. I'd put it on one of the hair stylists here, but I want to get some money back for spending some money I really don't have on it...

Will keep you posted.

(Maybe I should just do it on myself...)
I found that they showed scratches in them the first day.
I tried these on one of my gel clients and they did not work at all. Her nails are long and have a fairly good c-curve and arch. They would work much better on a flatter nail. No matter what I did they would not lay flat on her nails.

I haven't tried them on natural nails.


I dont think I like these. The don't lay flat and don't stay on well... On well, glad I didn't go crazy and buy a whole bunch!!
Thanks for the feeback ladies. I saw them in Cosmoprof the other day and thought about trying them out, but now I won't bother. I do Minx anyway.
You know, i know this sounds horrible, but I've used several nail decal products, and in my experience, the Sally Henson ones that they sell at wal-mart went on best and lasted the longest! I was very shocked at that!
I have a problem with the Minx not wanting to lay flat. it's like they fold along the edges some. and tips or ideas?
I agree the sally Hansen ones are great!.
I've been working with these. It's only been a week, but I'm hoping I'll love them.