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Full Version: Back again, with more issues unfortunately
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Hey ladies,

Thank you all so much for the help last time, I've been without internet for the last few months so I haven't been able to thank you all for the kind words!

But anyways, I absolutely hate the place I am working. My boss does NOT have any idea how to run a business, I should have been tipped off at the fact that every staff member that was working there when I interviewed had quit by the time I started two weeks later. She is the least professional individual I have ever met and it runs rapid through the shop, I had a 14 year old client in a few weeks ago with her mother sitting with us while the rest of the staff was talking about very sexually explicit things not 20 feet from us, needless to say as great a set as I did on her, as much as she loved it, and even though I offered her 50% off her first fill out of sheer embarrassment for the rest of the staffs conversation she and her mother didn't return and I never expect to see them again. I myself am only 18, so much of my clientele I've been getting (mainly friends and friends of friends) are 16-21. I think it is completely unacceptable to make sexual jokes like her and the rest of the staff makes with a 14-16 year old being worked on, and I know for a fact that it should not be talked about in a professional place of business period. She also does not know how to handle delicate issues in the slightest, two of the staff members do not get along very well and she is siding with one over the other and sent the one she is not siding with a very hurtful and blaming message OVER FACEBOOK to deal with this, then spoke to the girl in the front of the salon in front of my client and other customers (she sells clothing so we regularly have customers in) making the other staff member feel completely humiliated. She very obviously doesn't want this other staff member working for her, and when she isn't there insults her and speaks very poorly about her to clients and customers and insults former staff to their clients all the time, and to boot, our phone line has been cut off not once, not twice, but three times in the time I've worked there because she doesn't pay the bills, and I've caught her in many, many lies and exaggerations

Sorry, really needed to vent there.

I want out of this place, I really really do. I know how unprofessional this sounds but I'm thinking about going in tomorrow and packing up my stuff and leaving her a letter stating that being a nail technician isn't for me and I won't be returning, when in reality I'd just be servicing my regular clients in my home until I start a Hair Styling program in the fall moving to a much larger city and begin working at a spa a friend of mine works for part time that I know for a fact will have the professionalism I so desire.

What do you think? I really cannot stand another day in that place and I know I have no booking that aren't my regular clients I can call and explain what has happened and that I'll be working out of my home from now on, but I also know if I leave she will trash me all over town and to the people calling and requesting me
First off, congratulations for sticking it out as long as you have. You obviously have a great work ethic and for someone so young, that is a rarity these days. You are describing a really toxic work enviroment and you know what you need to do. I wouldn't stay there either.

I also would not tell her that you are leaving and not doing nails any longer. She's going to find out. You don't need to give her a reason why you're leaving. Just type up your letter, give her 2 weeks' notice (I guarantee she'll tell you to leave immediately anyway but then she can't complain that you left her high and dry).

Good luck with your next move, but I have a feeling you are already on the road to success Smile
Thank you so much Laura! I wasn't 100% sure I was totally in the right here, and as for my work ethic my uncle has been a hair stylist for 20 years and my grandmother was one for 40, They were and are both very very successful and I've watched them work and learned from them my entire life and I think they've drilled professionalism is key into my head since I decided I wanted a career in the beauty industry when I was 12. As for that salon, I'm just not a good fit I guess, to much drama and not enough class for me.
You are going to go far with an attitude like that Smile Good for you, your uncle and your grandmother have taught you well and they will be proud of you. As for the situation, yes, you are completely right to think and feel the way you do. Don't waste another second at that shop, they don't deserve you.
I encounterd a similar situation ,my first nail salon job when I was 19...long story short... I quit ,and no surprise ,she was out of business 6 minths later...Goid luck ,and stay professional ,and never sink to someone else's substandard ,classless level. You know in your heart what's right...Smile
Ohhhhhh hun, sorry for the outcome. But you must consider first, if you have a contract with her. If so, you will have to give notice if that is dictated on the contract, or she more than likely will sue you. Also is there a clause in there about not doing business within a certain number of miles from her salon for a certain period of time? These are important things to know before just leaving.

I do feel that you are right in your feelings of just going and packing up your things. Sometimes that is the best thing to do for your health and mental well being. Be aware, though, you will not be able to give her as a reference, if you do. But that may not matter in the short amount of time you were with her.

Good luck and let us know how it goes! Wink
Hey girls,

Well, I did it. I went in on Saturday, packed up all my stuff and left a letter stating this wasn't for me and I was sorry to let her down but I won't be returning. Haven't heard a thing but she deleted me off facebook. No contact was signed, so I'm in the clear there.

Now you can move on to bigger and better things!! : )
Congratulations !! Bet you feel a whole lot better Smile
Ha if it were me and all that went on i would of put exactly my reason why i was leaving HER place of business-- but thats just me...if someone acts like an idiot i want them to know it...but u did good... there are so many salons out there that we can be kindof picky where we want to go. I dont know how u find ur jobs but if u look on craigslist i would start monitoring who is hiring all the time so u know NOT to go there.....thats what ive always done and its always turned out pretty of luck to you!!!Smile