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Full Version: Some luck at Nailympics, Long Beach
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We arrived a few days before only to find we didn't have enough models. Thanks to Craigslist, a chance encounter at a take-away restaurant (after driving around salons and schools all day in LA), and a friend from Sweden who is studying in LA (and who went on to win a competition herself with no initial planning), we managed to compete - just three people but our first outing as a team;-)

The result - six 1st places, with the remarkable Viktoria Prihodko from little Estonia scooping 4 medals in Div 3 Gel, Stiletto, Nail Embellishment and Soak-Off Gel. Iryna took 1st in Fantasy and dear Lina Nyberg (Div 3, stiletto model) who helped so much, took 1st Div 2 Stiletto.

There was strong competition from Team Nubar, a school from Italy, a school from Korea and a nail tech from Singapore.

Next Team Iryna Giblett will compete at Nailympics London. But we look forward to come back to the USA in 2013 and perhaps also make some classes.

[Image: medals_600px.jpg]

[Image: Prihodko_embellishment_800px.jpg]

[Image: Prihodko_stilleto_800px.jpg]

[Image: Prihodko_french_800px.jpg]

[Image: Prihodko_soak-off_800px.jpg]

Left to right: Lina Nyberg, Iryna Giblett, Lysa Comfort (Organizer and Head Judge), Viktoria Prihodko and Katie Cazorla - star of the "Nail Files" TV reality show in USA - and who compared the prize giving.
[Image: DSCN0133_edited_600w.jpg]
Wow Bob! That is fantastic! I am very happy for you and Iryna and the competitors !!
That's great! Congratulations!!
Many thanks Laura and Jesse! I should also thank Vicki Peters for introducing us to Shawn Thomas at the Universal College of Beauty in LA. Shawn did everything in his power to help us find models and allowed Iryna to inspect the nails of all the students ;-).

Our grateful thanks to students Marianda who helped with make-up and Evelyn who was the model in the stiletto photo above. The ladies came out to Long Beach twice before the show to help us and gave many hours of their time and enthusiasm, above and beyond any expectations.

It was a great pleasure and very touching for Iryna and I to visit the school and learn it's history as the first black cosmetology school in CA (and perhaps America) being founded by Mrs Hazel D Williams in 1930 (then called Henrietta Beauty School) - but only after she had gone to court to force the authorities to allow her to take the cosmetology examination. She graduated with the highest marks.

The school has been burnt down twice in it's history, most recently during the LA riots. There are three schools in different locations; the main school was opened by Dr Martin Luther King whose impressive photograph is displayed in the foyer.

We look forward to visiting the school again next time we are in LA, when Iryna will make a nail art workshop for the students.

You can read about their history here:

[Image: 2012-07-07_nailympics_models.jpg]
Tiffany, Lina, Marianda, Iryna, Evelyn

That's awesome! I'm so glad everything worked out, thank you for sharing.