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Full Version: PNI25AT Electric file..anyone?
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Have found this efile and it looks promising price wise, hand piece doesn't look huge. Have a KUPA KP12 handpiece now that is discontinued and my back up is the same one so I am in need of 2 efiles actually. Any input on this one would be great!
I have this efile. the handpiece is bigger than what i am used to using....cant compare it to your kupa but, it is a super quiet drill with hardly any vibration. I was skeptical when i ordered it but thought if i didnt like it i could send it back. Ive had mine for about 9 months and really like it. Decent drill for a good price. If i could get a smaller handpiece for it, it would be perfect! Hope this helps!
Have it, LOOOOVE it! The hand cradle cubby is nice. The box is small. It's quiet, the vibration is low, and if you like you can always change to a slimmer handpiece (although it'll cost you $125+). I like it's performance as much as I like my Erickas efile.